2 Day Lisbon Itinerary
2 Day Lisbon Itinerary
Seeing Lisbon in two days is enough to discover some of its most important places. If you are one of those tourists who like short breaks in your travels, stick with our 2-day Lisbon Itinerary.
Visiting Lisbon in two days is enough to get to know some of its most important corners and, above all, let yourself be soaked by that wonderfully magical air that involves the city, so when you are in Lisbon, you can be sure that this first visit is the beginning of a romance you'll want to continue.

If you are one of those tourists who like short breaks during your travels, stick with our 2-day itinerary in Lisbon.

2 days Lisbon Itinerary

Visit the Belem Tower
Belem Tower is one of the most emblematic monuments in Lisbon. Located in Santa María de Belém, at the eastern end of the city, it was built at the beginning of the 16th century by order of D. Manuel I of Portugal.
Its main use was defensive, controlling the passage of the Tagus River to the city, although later it was also used as a prison and an administrative building.

Visit the Jerónimos Monastery
The Jerónimos Monastery is another must-see in Lisbon. Its construction is practically parallel to the Belém Tower and its architecture is also governed by the canons of Manueline architecture. In fact, its historical past is so linked to the chronology of the Belém Tower that it was also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983.

Try the Belém cakes
After soaking up art and culture on the previous two visits, it's time to add a sweet to the day. Very close to the Jerónimos Monastery is the popular pastry shop that sells the famous Belém cakes, whose secret recipe was born in the Jerónimos order more than 200 years ago and is a symbol of Lisbon sweets.

Feel small in front of the Monument of Discoveries
Without leaving the Belém area, but this time letting ourselves be caressed by the breeze that runs along the banks of the Tagus River, we find the Monument of Discoveries. Its construction is quite recent, dating from 1960, coinciding with the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the death of the Infante Dom Henrique.

Feel the breeze of the Tagus River
Especially if your stay in Lisbon is during the summer months, you will be very grateful to be able to walk along the entire avenue that runs along the banks of the Tagus River and that cools the temperature that is reached in some parts of the centre of Lisbon.

A good option to enjoy this area of ​​the city is to make a stop at one of the lively esplanades on the way between Belém and Plaza de Comércio, which are the perfect place to take a break and enjoy live music.

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