Visiting Lisbon with children
Visiting Lisbon with children
If you want to visit Lisbon with children there are many possibilities, we give you some suggestions for your trip.

Holidays with children are always a concern. Are there attractions for all tastes? Are there good conditions for children (and adults) to rest? The answer is yes, Lisbon is a good city to visit as a family and to go on holiday with children, due to its wide range of activities, spaces to visit and, of course, the variety of options to do with the family. Another aspect that makes visiting Lisbon with children a good idea is, of course, its safety and a solid transport network, which makes travelling as a family easy.

What activities can we do if we want to visit Lisbon with children?

As we all know, family holidays mean that downtime is non-existent, so it is necessary to plan all the attractions to visit. And what can we visit in Lisbon with children?
For science lovers, the Knowledge Pavilion is a place to awaken the fun and wisdom of the little ones. In this interactive science museum, there are events and temporary exhibitions, as well as different activities for all visitors. Also in the Nations Park, for animal lovers, the Lisbon Oceanarium is a must. In the largest aquarium in Europe, you can find more than 15,000 species of animals and more than 450 different plant species. The little ones will be enchanted by the tropical fish, sharks of all kinds and marine animals from all the world's oceans!

If we continue to think about fauna, the Zoo is an option to consider. With more than 100 years, it brings together various species that represent all the continents. There are all kinds of reptiles, mammals and birds, in total there are more than 2000 animals, divided into 300 species of the most diverse. The children will love it and will certainly remember a visit to the urban “jungle”.

And since seeing Lisbon from another perspective is always worth it, a ride on the Nations Park Cable Car allows children and parents to have a lot of fun soaking up the beautiful views of the Tagus River. Without a doubt, the smallest (and the largest!) will be delighted to be in height under the capital.

Located in the Marine Museum, the Lisbon Planetarium allows you to literally take your head to the stars. Equipped with a digital projection system, made up of eight video projectors, it transmits a single and coherent image in the dome, which will allow the little ones to have a complete idea of ​​what the Solar System is, and more!
Another activity that we suggest is a visit to the Puppet Museum, located in the Bernardas Convent. It is an excellent tour to do with children, since puppets from all over the world are exhibited. It is a plan full of knowledge and art, ideal to do as a family.

Where to stay in Lisbon if you travel with children?

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