The best viewpoints in Lisbon
The best viewpoints in Lisbon
Date, socialize and, of course, see the best views from the best viewpoints in Lisbon.
When we talk about Lisbon, in addition to its light and history, one of the first things that comes to mind are its impressive views. And that is why the city's viewpoints are one of the favourite attractions of the city's inhabitants and the thousands of tourists who visit the Portuguese capital every year. In addition to being good places to observe the city from another perspective, Lisbon's viewpoints function as leisure spaces, where you can take a break with some privileged views.

There are more than 30 viewpoints in Lisbon, so we have prepared some suggestions for you to enjoy the next time you visit the city.

It is perhaps the best-known viewpoint in the city. Located in the highest part of Lisbon, the Castelo de São Jorge Viewpoint is inserted, as its name suggests, within the centuries-old walls. Initially built to be a fortification, from this point you can see almost the entire capital, and even some details of the surrounding cities. In fact, pay attention: from this attraction you can see the coastline of Almada, the Arrábida Mountains, the silhouette of Palmela and even some fields of Ribatejo.

Officially, according to the Lisbon Chamber of Commerce, this place is called Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen Viewpoint, after the famous Portuguese poet. But it is through da Graça Viewpoint that everyone knows it. Here you can see the entire capital in all its splendour: from the centre of Pombaline, to the castle and the river. With a pleasant environment, it is surrounded by stone pines and is an excellent area for socializing, since there is a kiosk that sells drinks and offers a terrace.

It works like a balcony under the Tagus. Sitting in this viewpoint, observe the river, the Santo Estevão church, the Alfama neighbourhood, the São Miguel church, among many other points of interest. The best thing is that you can quench your thirst with cold drinks from the many terraces present. We also draw your attention to the statue next to the viewpoint, which represents São Vicente, the patron saint of Lisbon. With more than 50 years, this patrimony was designed by the sculptor Raul Xavier.

A place where peace reigns, with a lot of green nature, it is a perfect place for naps, picnics, dates and even reading afternoons. Recently renovated, it is located on the Santana Hill and offers, of course, a magnificent view of the city.


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