Digital nomads in Lisbon: working to any place of the world.
Digital nomads in Lisbon: working to any place of the world.
Digital nomads in Lisbon out stands in a time when remote work is more usual and the city captivates the interest of this public.

Working from Lisbon to the world

In a world every day more digitalized and virtualized, the concept of remote work is getting protagonism, and we are witnessing growing interest from digital nomads in Lisbon. The concept of the work has changed every time more in the last times, in part because of the pandemic for COVID-19. If for some companies remote work wasn't a usual practice, in the last two years we have witnessed a conceptual change and an openness of the possibilities in respect to the labour issue.

Never before we have heard talk so much of the digital nomad concept: workers that, needing just a laptop to develop their professional tasks, can set down in any city of the world. Mostly young people, interested in knowing new places, new people, and new cultures, and Lisbon has called their attention.

Why do digital nomads want to stay large seasons in the Portuguese capital and, from here, work to any place in the world?

Mild weather
Lisbon weather seduces anyone who passes and invites them to stay. Soft and constant temperatures during the year and the light hours that the city offers are an example. Did you know that Lisbon occupies third place in the European ranking of cities with more sun hours? Lisbon has 2799 hours of sun a year.

There is no way to resist the Portuguese food. Everyone who comes to Lisbon already knows that have to taste two dishes: a Belem cake and a cod dish. The rest… we can’t reveal yet, Discover it in your stay!

Cultural and social life
Lisbon is a city with a very rich culture, its museums, theatres and concert halls, monuments, restaurants, and bars, After work, turn off your laptop and enjoy all that the city offers you.

Digital nomad community
Lisbon is every time more prepared to receive this kind of visitors, with co-working spots in different points of the city, all of them equipped to embrace those who want to work out of home and that also gives an atmosphere to share, to create and meet new people

To those seeking to be digital nomads in Lisbon, stay more time and develop their work and rest in a comfortable, modern and cosy flat with internet access - a fundamental inquire for digital nomads - they can do their reservation at Rossio Apartments and enjoy a city with a magical light that will receive you as good as possible.