Digital Nomads in Lisbon
Digital Nomads in Lisbon
Portugal is a country of culture, traditions and unique architecture, whose welcoming inhabitants and delicious cuisine do not leave the digital nomads in Lisbon indifferent.
Geographically isolated from the rest of Europe, Portugal is a country of unique culture, traditions and architecture. The country is home to some of the most spectacular natural sites in Europe. Due to its illustrious history, its accommodating inhabitants and its delicious gastronomy, we do not leave the digital nomads in Lisbon indifferent.

Digital nomads in Lisbon – Get to know the advantages

It's a cosy city
The people are very nice, they like to help who are not local and the cost of life is not expensive.

The weather is unbelievable
There are 290 days of sunshine per year in Lisbon, the temperature rarely drops below two 10 degrees in the middle of winter and averages around 20 degrees throughout the year.

Stay near the sea
Lisbon is located about half an hour by car from the sea and we can walk along the Tagus River, which crosses the city and drains into the ocean. It is possible to go surfing and practise water activities here.

The gastronomy is delicious
If you like fish and seafood, you will adore it, the gastronomy is very rich in fish due to its proximity to the ocean. If we speak about meat, delight yourself with the bitoque. For after-meal, there is no shortage of pastries, such as the famous Nata cakes.

Internet and coworking spaces are very good
90% of two Internet users in Portugal have broadband access (above 20 Mbps), and the country is among the best providers of Internet services in Europe.

The Wi-Fi is available in the busiest locations, such as restaurants and cafes, hotels and public areas. If you want to work in more remote locations, buy a pre-paid 3G or 4G SIM card to have unlimited Wi-Fi access. When it comes to mobile internet speeds, Portugal ranks 49th in the world.

A citi friendly for digital nomads

Working remotely in Portugal is easy, especially in Lisbon and other big cities of the country. There are hundreds of friendly and cosy cafés equipped with stable Wi-Fi and accessible electrical outlets.

It has been the number one city on the list of digital nomads for a few months and, in general, it is always not in the top 10. It has many events for nomads and a huge community of these professionals.

Where to stay as a digital nomad in Lisbon?

Rossio Apartments offers distinguished service, excellent for digital nomads and with a privileged location.

Next to Rossio Square, 5 minutes walk from Chiado and 7 minutes walk from Commerce Square, Rossio Apartments is located in an axis with many theatres, restaurants, bars, shops, close to the busy and lively area of Chiado and Barrio Alto.

Rossio Apartments favours easy access to transportation such as the subway and train and the airport, which is 6 kilometres away.

As a digital nomad, you can stay in a studio or superior studio that contains a fully equipped kitchen, TV, WiFi, air conditioning, safe, hair dryer and balcony, providing all conditions while working remotely in the city.

Join the many digital nomads in Lisbon and book your stay now at the best price.