A day in Baixa in Lisbon
A day in Baixa in Lisbon
A day in Baixa in Lisbon will always be a good day because of the number of interesting points you can visit and that captivates your view and the attention of the most curious who want to know this city area.

Reserve a space on your agenda to spend a day in Biaxa in Lisbon when you visit the city. Even if it is your first time in the capital as well as if you already know very well this area, there will always be something new to discover.

Baixa, in the heart of the city, is also known as Baixa pombalina. It got its name after the earthquake that affected Lisbon in 1755 and the reconstruction that ordered the Marquis of Pombal. The streets in a square, the buildings with a structure that allow a better distribution of seismic forces are characteristic of this new route that was ordered to build, constituting one of the first examples of buildings to resist earthquakes in the world.

We share with you the conjunct of points of interest, so you'll be better informed about what you will find in the surroundings when visiting the city.

Santa Justa lift
At Rua del Oro there is one of the most emblematic lifts of the city, the Santa Justa lift. Its structure of cast iron is inspired by the neo-gothic style. The row of people exposes its location easily, so it won't be hard to find it. But we give you advice… When you be close to the lift, go upstairs to Rua del Carmo and then continue to Largo del Carmo, where you'll find behind the ruins of Del Carmo Church, the top of the lift where you can access directly without doing the row and with no extra charges! From there you can see the Castle, all the city center, the river…. Enjoy it!

Street art
If you are near the Santa Justa lift, don't miss the pelicans that are in the corner of Rua de Santa Justa and Rua del Carmo, the work of the Portuguese artist Bordalo II. This work is one of that Bordalo II have spread in the city and is part of the series: Big Trash Animals, pieces mostly built from rubbish that aims to alert about the production and excessive consumption that becomes waste and the harm this does to the planet .

Shops and restaurants
La Rua Augusta, La Rua del Oro, and La Rua de la Plata are three of the main commercial and restoration streets in which interlace in parallel and perpendicular many other streets with an offer able to satisfy the most exquisite taste of any visitor. Stroll these streets and appreciate the architectonic beauty of the shops and restaurants, most of them with an antique style.

Rua Augusta Arch
The Triumph Arc of Rua Augusta, in front of the Tagus river, is the point of reference that this is one of the main arteries of Baixa in Lisbon. At the top of this monument, you'll find a lookout open to the public where it is possible to get a 360º view over the city. With the Tagus in front of you, here you got literally Lisbon on your feet!

Terreiro do Paco
End your tour by the river, at the Praca do Comercio, known by Lisbon people as Terreriro do Paco. Enjoy a coffee at the traditional Martinho da Arcada, which has been there since 1782, and that has had special customers like Fernando Pessoa, or take a walk by the Ribeira das Naus, where was the old shipyard of Portuguese ships and that is an area recently rehabilitated, where you will find a nice kiosk with an esplanade: sit down, relax and watch the sunset.

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