4 Activities you shouldn't miss in Lisbon
4 Activities you shouldn't miss in Lisbon
Lisbon is one of the best cities on the planet. Don't believe it? It won't take long to see that what we're saying is true. Discover what activities in Lisbon should not be missed.
Lisbon is one of the best cities on the planet. Don't believe it? It won't take long to see that what we're saying is true. Every meal with architecture, Lisbon offers more beauty than you can imagine. Add to these world-class restaurants, the best hotels in Portugal and an incredible ability to be fashionable at all times, and you will have an incredible travel experience. Discover the main activities in Lisbon that you shouldn't miss.

1 - Know the history of the Jerónimos’ Monastery
A simple look at the ornate towers and the great sculptures of the great Jerónimos’ Monastery should be enough to deduce the reason for being of this enormous monument to the edges of the Tagus.
It was built to mark the most glorious moment in Portugal, called the "The Era of Discoveries". The fusion of architectural designs, known as the Manueline style, describes the cultures found by the explorers of Lisbon, while the money used to build the structure provided for international trade in clavo, food and exotic Portuguese specialities. It is Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

2 - Adventure under the water in the ocean
Situated on the blue waters of the Tagus estuary, the huge Lisbon Oceanarium houses exhibitions related to marine life.
You can get close to fishes of different colours and observe sharks, see curious morenas and meet beautiful penguins. There are also interesting collections of sea anemones and corals.

3 - Admire the masterpieces of the National Museum of Antique Art
The National Museum of Antique Art is part of Portugal's prestigious national art collection. The works range from representations of pious saints by Nuno Gonçalves to portraits in chiaroscuro by Josefa de Óbidos.
The majority of the canvas date from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century and became public property after the liberal wars that shook the country at the beginning of the modern era.
Visitors can also enjoy numerous travelling exhibitions, with past collections that reflect Lisbon from the Renaissance period and historical paintings from the Discoveries Era.

4 - Ride the funicular
Lisbon, like Rome, was built on seven hills. Unlike Rome, the urban planners developed a series of funiculars to facilitate transport to and from the city's neighbourhoods.
It is a real pleasure to walk along some of these routes, such as the old do Lavra Lift, which dates back to the end of the XIX century and was distinguished with a national heritage label. Also located is Bica Lift, which winds through the narrow cobbled streets of Largo do Calhariz.
We can’t forget about the Santa Justa lift, which takes people from Baixa to Carmo and offers impressive views of downtown Lisbon.

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